The "Rolls-Royce" of umbrellas



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Anti-loss umbrella
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Faithful to our mission, so that our customers feel unique and special, we present our new wild chestnut umbrella with antipherlar and personalized alarm system. A great gift that children can make their father, who will guard him, until they can inherit him.

An umbrella for life

An umbrella for life…

Offering products that last almost an eternity is part of SCHARLAU's DNA. SCHARLAU develops its products, select and purchase the materials and in this case handles its assembly to one of the oldest workshops that exists in Spain. 70 years of handicraft transmitted from one generation to the other. This is how we guarantee exceptional quality. More than 70 precision processes, more than 30 different components and about 2000 stitches. We care a lot to support centennial crafts in Europe.

Artisanal umbrella
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The "Rolls-Royce" of the Umbrellas

Our umbrellas are manufactured from a branch in which fist and stick are one-piece. With a diameter of the 18mm stick, we achieve an ideal thickness between elegant and robust. This type of umbrella with these characteristics, is considered the "Rolls-Royce" of the umbrella. A perfected technique over centuries that a lot of experience requires. These sticks are practically unbreakable and very resistant to the wind. Thanks to its flexibility, you can also use as a support cane and to walk.

Personalized and Yours

Each umbrella has a customizable plate, made of polished stainless steel and located on the umbrella fist. The owner may enroll the name and telephone of him or what he wants. A service at no additional cost of SCHARLAU.

Personalized umbrella
Umbrella handmade handle
Embellishing umbrella

Anti-loss / robbery alarm system

The umbrella is an article that can be easily forgotten and unfortunately this inhibits to invest in such a high quality article. Therefore, each SCHARLAU umbrella has an electronic alarm with geolocation and Bluetooth. Once the app will be downloaded on your mobile, you will receive a notice, when the umbrella gets away from you.

Paraguas antirrobo Paraguas antiperdida

Guarantee and unlimited access to our design workshop

For your umbrella always as the first day, we offer you access to our design workshop, where we restore them at any time. In this way the umbrellas will be kept in perfect conditions for years and can be left in inheritance to the children.