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SCHARLAU is excitement of following your journey to success.
Enjoy the road. We want to inspire the uniqueness and joy of every event. Never give up. Leave a positive footprint. Follow a methodic path. Focus on your goal. Reach it.
Having a unique life, begins with a unique accessory. We believe excelling at work means having considered each and every detail and possibility, as we do with our designs.  Being organised is key. "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail". -Benjamin Franklin. Dress like a boss, but inspire and plan like a leader.

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Quality - Functional - Sustainable

Sustainability is about consuming less products that last longer.
SCHARLAU items can be passed down from generation to generation or recycled to live another life.

Stop wasting, keep using.


Give design, functionality and durability.

For him For her

SCHARLAU's luxurious first collection.

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