Inspired by the blue penguin and the fascinating setting of the Australian Tanami desert.

Tanami Eco

Tanami Eco

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A collection that combines elegance, distinctive design and environmental awareness. Fabric made from post-consumption plastic bottles.
The Tanami Eco collection is a line of items made of recycled fabric from post-consumption plastic bottles, following the principles of the circular economy. Inspired by the blue penguin and the fascinating environment of the Australian desert of Tanami. Each article carries a personalized metal plaque, and offers functionality and style for daily use. With reinforced compartments for laptops, anti -theft pockets and golden details, the Tanami Eco collection is a perfect option for those who seek quality products with a positive impact on the planet. A collection that combines elegance, distinctive design and environmental awareness.
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Fabric made from post-consumption plastic bottles.
The collection offers women's backpacks and laptop bags that are part of the circular economy. These products are made with fabric made from post-consumer plastic bottles, using 100% recycled PET. In this way, we recover waste and transform it into an elegant line of items for daily use. With the Tanami Eco collection, you can take with you a modern and sustainable accessory that contributes to caring for the environment.
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Tanami Eco is inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the blue penguin, a small and lovely species that lives in southern Australia. This line combines innate elegance and a distinctive design, reflecting the grace and natural charm of the blue penguin in each of its articles.
Small blue penguin in Australia
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These accessories combine functionality and comfort to adapt to your active and demanding lifestyle, providing a perfect balance between practicality and style.
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The accessories of the Tanami Eco collection are designed thinking about functionality and comfort. They have reinforced compartments for laptops of different sizes, providing safe protection for your electronic devices. In addition, they offer wide storage capacity, with interior and exterior pockets to organize your belongings efficiently.

These accessories are also equipped with characteristics that improve comfort. Adjustable and padded back handles allow you to adjust them to your measure and guarantee comfortable transport throughout the day. The padded and breathable back provides additional support and allows adequate ventilation.

In addition, the collection incorporates practical details, such as pen holder, cards and pockets for the mobile, which allow you to have quick access to your essential objects. They also have Trolley hitch systems, which facilitates their transport in conjunction with your travel luggage.

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