With a touch of rebellion and adventure.


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Wild 1

This collection of leather accessories combines modern functionality with classic 60s and 70s style, like those worn by Steve McQueen in his films and in his personal life.

The inspiration for the Wild collection is based on the style of iconic actor Steve McQueen, who was a symbol of men's fashion and biker culture in the 1960s and 1970s. His elegant, timeless and rebellious style has been a source of inspiration for the Wild collection by SCHARLAU.

Each item in the Wild collection is named after an iconic American road, evoking the passion and freedom of motorcycle travel.

Wild 2
Wild 3
A perfect collection for those looking for a classic and timeless style, but with a touch of rebellion and adventure.

Route 53

Price €400.83

Route 101

Price €346.28

The use of high-quality bovine leather and the vintage design of the items evoke the golden age of motorcycling and men's fashion. In addition, the stiffer, smoother leather details and the oiled and engraved finish of the main leather give a touch of sophistication to each item.

Wild 7
Wild 8

Each item is highly functional for work, travel or leisure. Additionally, the personalization of each item with the owner's name and contact details on a metal plaque inside makes it ideal for those who value exclusivity and easy identification if it gets lost.

The different items in the collection, such as backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases and wallets, have multiple compartments and pockets to keep your belongings organized. Furthermore, the bovine leather used in the manufacturing is durable and wear-resistant, ensuring a long lifespan of the item.

Wild 13

The collection is made with a combination of two types of bovine leather, both with a hybrid vegetable tanning. One of them with a more oiled and engraved finish used as the main material; and another more rigid and smooth leather used in the details.

It is ideal for those looking for the perfect combination of vintage style and modern functionality in a high-quality leather accessory.

Wild 14
Wild 15
Wild 16

Route 66

Price €395.87

Route 99

Price €412.40

Route 129

Price €148.76

Route 10

Regular price €90.91 Price €45.45
  • Reduced price
  • -50%

Route 55

Regular price €90.91 Price €45.45
  • Reduced price
  • -50%
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