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A new "business" concept combined with luxurious sports details that make it distinctive and highly prestigious.

SCHARLAU's Thunder collection is inspired by the strength and energy of nature, specifically the storm. With an elegant and modern design, this collection of accessories for business, travel and leisure features sporty details and water and abrasion resistant materials, such as the high-tech carbon fiber look material, located on the base and sides from the article.

A collection motivated by the strength and beauty of nature, specifically in the forests and the storms that pass through them. This exceptional design combines the strength and beauty of nature with the premium quality and functionality that SCHARLAU is known for.

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Thunder, the collection that fuses the force of nature with the elegance and functionality of SCHARLAU.

The Thunder collection is designed to offer great functionality in any situation. It has reinforced compartments for laptops and tablets, as well as interior and exterior pockets to keep your items organized and accessible. Additionally, the carbon fiber-look material is water and abrasion resistant, making it ideal for use in any climate and environment. It also has sporty details such as metal hardware and bovine leather handles that give it a distinctive and prestigious touch.


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The use of metal hardware, bovine leather handles and water and abrasion resistant material with a carbon fiber look, give this collection impressive design strength.

In addition, the possibility of personalizing the item with a metal plate engraved with your name or an inspiring quote makes it a unique and special object that truly belongs to its owner. All of this makes the Thunder collection perfect for work, leisure and travel, with great functionality and durability that make it a long-term investment.


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