Our backpacks, bags and accessories are the best travel companion you want in your life.
They know you.
They reflect you.
They make everything easier for you.

Werner ScharlauWerner Scharlau

Werner Scharlau is our creator.
His dedication to the business world made him travel all over the world.
One more trip among many marked the beginning: his carry-on bag failed again.

When he was looking for quality, he went to the most expensive and popular brands.
But he stopped having the functionality he was looking for.
And when he chose more comfort, he stopped having the style that he defined for him.

He was always looking for the perfect item.
The one that reflected his image and according to his lifestyle.
He never got it.
That is why he created Scharlau.

A brand of accessories that could project different styles and personalities in his designs, taking care of comfort in detail.
SCHARLAU today is the best travel companion for those who seek to reflect that identity that makes them unique.

"I enjoy using things for many years, which is why I love noble materials like leather, which can easily be refurbished if damaged. I also like that it almost looks like new after some years. I value a thoughtful design with reinforced parts and tough materials. Care for detail in the functionality and in the style. I want to feel proud of and comfortable with everything I wear. My accessories are a reflection of my personality."

"The most environmentally friendly thing we can do is to produce few things, that last for a very long time."

"When you choose to have a SCHARLAU you not only reflect the image you want, but you also have access to our guarantee and our design workshop for 2 years so that your SCHARLAU is always as it was on the first day."

Reflect your style