The leather of the Slackline collection is so soft and fine to the touch that it is irresistible, making it a unique experience when carrying it with you.


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The Slackline collection is a gem of leather goods. A high quality and unique style item that will accompany you on your daily adventures and make you feel special.

The Slackline collection is a true delight for the senses. Each item is made from full-grain semi-aniline cowhide leather, which has been drum pumped to achieve a fine grain and extra soft texture. Attention to detail and quality of materials are evident in every seam, every cut and every finish.

But what really sets this collection apart is its modern and elegant design, which is inspired by the sport of tightrope and the beautiful landscape of the Grand Canyon in the United States. The colored strips on the sides of each bag are a nod to this sport and give a touch of freshness and originality to each item.

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The sport of tightrope, also known as Slackline, is a discipline in which people walk and perform acrobatics on a taut, flexible tape. It's impressive to think about practicing this sport in the United States Grand Canyon, an iconic place known for its stunning views and challenging hiking trails. The inspiration in this sport for the side straps of the bags in our Slackline collection is a nod to the idea of balance and movement, elements that are reflected in the design and functionality of the collection.

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Leather is more than a material, it is an irresistible tactile experience that inspires elegance and sophistication in every step we take.


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But this collection is not only beautiful on the outside, it is also functional on the inside. It has a large reinforced compartment for a laptop up to 15.6", several pockets and compartments for cards, phone and other objects. The handles and back of the backpacks are padded to provide maximum comfort to the user. You can carry this backpack with you all day without feeling any discomfort. In addition, the trolley attachment system will allow you to take it with you on your trips with complete ease.

The gun-colored metal hardware of the Slackline collection not only gives it an elegant and sophisticated touch, but its exclusive design makes them unique pieces that perfectly complement the high-quality finish of the leather.

The personalized metal plate on the inside of the Slackline collection bags is a detail not found on many other leather items. This feature gives a touch of exclusivity and personalization that makes each item unique.


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