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Umbrella Black Watch Tartan

Wild chestnut umbrella with anti-loss alarm and customization No.1.1 Collection

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Complimentary personalization

We personalize our accessories with a writing on an elegant metal plate located inside. Engrave your name, the motto of life or a phrase with a special meaning for you.

In this elegant umbrella handle and stick are made from one solid piece, from carefully bent chestnut shoots. This makes the stick almost unbreakable and relatively light at the same time and is considered the “Rolls Royce” of the umbrellas. The canopy is made from 100% Polyester, the material that dries fastest and offer the best resistance to wind. With this umbrella we have established standards of style and elegance without precedence. An umbrella made to last a lifetime and to be left in inheritance to the next generation.

- Manufactured to last a lifetime.
- “Made in Europe” (Spain) to ensure that the knowledge of our craftsmen, acquired over    centuries, does not get lost.
- System that prevents the theft or loss of such a precious object.
- Personalisation (Please write in the "Comments" field during the payment process what you want to inscribe on the personalized plate.)
- Timeless elegance 
- Robust and wind resistant
- An umbrella that at the same time serves as a walking stick.
- A service that guarantees repairs and refurbishments.
- An umbrella made from sustainable materials.
- A system that prevents theft or loss 
- Exclusive and unique features

  • Offering products that last almost forever is written in the DNA of Scharlau Leathergoods. Trying to improve the best is also one of our favorite challenges, which is why we have carefully benchmarked the best umbrellas on the market. Quality has to do with the materials and the workmanship, which is why Scharlau Leathergoods sources directly the main components from the best manufacturers we know and lets the umbrellas be assembled in the oldest still existing manufacturing workshop in Spain. 70 years of craftmanship handed down from one generation to another, guarantees our exceptional quality. More than 70 precision processes, over 30 different components and some 2000 stitches, partly manual, are necessary to manufacture an umbrella of our characteristics. We believe in supporting European centuries-old craftmanship. We spare nothing to make our customers feel very special.
  • Thanks to its relatively thick diameter (18 mm) and its flexibility, it can also be used as a walking aid.
  • Solid umbrella made from one continuous 3 years old tree shoot. These shoots come from sustainable chestnut (Castanea sativa) plantations in England, which are over 100 years old. The handle confers a special beauty due to its uniqueness and authentic look. Not to be confused with one-piece handle and stick made from wooden planks. These lack the beauty and especially elasticity of the shoots.
  • Like most of our products, we have also provided our umbrellas with a custom plate. Made from impervious polished stainless-steel and placed on the handle, each umbrella comes engraved with the owner's name and mobile phone number as a complimentary service.
  • With a stick diameter of 18mm, this thickness represents the ideal combination of elegance and robustness. Umbrellas made from one continuous piece are considered the "Rolls-Royce" of the umbrellas. Shoots of about 3 years old are used, which must be carefully bent with steam, to obtain the correct curvature of the handle and then each stick must be cut down to the desired diameter. A technique perfected over centuries, that requires a lot of experience. These sticks do not break and much lighter than robust metal umbrellas.
  • The fact that handle and stick come from a shoot and are in one piece, makes it practically unbreakable. Its flexibility makes it very resistant to wind.
  • Our repair service will guarantee that this umbrella can be refurbished any time. This way our umbrella will be usable for years and can be left in inheritance to the children.
  • The umbrella is an article easily to forget and this inhibits investing in a quality article of a certain price. We have equipped each umbrella with an electronic alarm. Once an app has been downloaded to the phone, the owner will be able to receive an audible warning on the mobile phone, if the umbrella moves away from us. This application also allows a geolocation of our umbrella to recover it, once lost.

0.63 kg
97 x 1.8 cm
Nickel plated brass
100% Polyester
Rib material
Tempered spring steel (black)
No. of ribs
Diameter of opened umbrella
114 cm (45")
Stick diameter
1,8 cm (0,7")
Umbrella length
97 cm (38,2")
Rib length
67 cm (26")


Instructions for anti-lost Bluetooth button

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