Exclusive & Yours: personalize your SCHARLAU

Exclusive & Yours: personalize your SCHARLAU

We personalize our accessories with a writing on an elegant metal plate located inside. Engrave your name, the motto of life or a phrase with a special meaning for you. If you buy your item on scharlau.com, you can personalize your item for free during the checkout process.

If you bought your SCHARLAU in another store, you can buy a personalized plate below:

  1. Decide if you want the metal plate gold or silver.
  2. Personalize the plate and add it to the shopping cart.
  3. You new metal plate will be sent to you. Follow here the instructions to exchange the plate. Turn your SCHARLAU into an exclusive and unique item.

This plate is only compatible with SCHARLAU articles that incorporate a metal plate inside.
Returns of personalized plates are not accepted.

On the other hand, returns of bags that incorporate a personalized plate are accepted.

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Custom metal plate

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