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Scharlau universe

WILD Collection

Text Javier Camacho
Photographer Carlos Aranguren
Artistic direction Kitty Scharlau
Special thanks to Niks Motorcycles

I inspire.

I exhale.

I breathe.

I open my eyes. Why dream if I can live?

I leave home with my life hanging. I never realized how little it weighed.

The morning breeze kisses my neck and the crickets sing for my arrival.

But I never stay. I am not who I was yesterday, nor will I be what I am now.

So I start rolling around my field.Under my sky.Under my sun.Because the world is mine.

Only mine.

And suddenly ... we fell in love with that sunset, with the dew on the moss and that forest that tried to hide its secrets from us. We remained motionless and our bodies disappeared. We became small plants that admired the wild and infinite nature that surrounded us. The afternoon fell and the beauty of each brightness increased by seconds. We remained there for hours, forgetting what we were, forgetting our existence, understanding, without having to think about it, that our presence in that place was and should be that of a mere silent spectator, that of a small particle of air that is lost in the horizon trying to see everything, from above, from below ... Time ceased to exist. They had to spend hours in the world in which the watches were so important.

Green, you are life, because all your children are.

Green, you are strong, because you can do everything and lend energy to the wise ones who know how to listen and dance with you.

Green, you are dangerous, because in your anger many have suffered.

Green, your nights are dark and elegant at the same time, because you overwhelm with your nocturnality the bravest of men and encandless without remedy who has not yet known love.

Green, you are mother nature.

Green, you are also blue and transparent and yellow and red ... and remember green, I want you green.