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Feldmann Portfolio Black

"The SCHARLAU portfolio is already part of my work tools: It is distinguished, personalized and above all functional."

Mario M. Campelo, Attorney and Mediator
Executive Backpack

"I love my Scharlau backpack! Not only because of its design and elegance, also because it's comfortable and very practical. Especially I find the bag very useful for my daily displacement by motorcycle. 100% recommendable!"

Eduardo Casado, CEO and Founder of Australian Way
Pavilion Briefbag Brown

"Accustomed to working with premium watches, the Scharlau Pavilion briefcase suits perfectly with my work needs. In my profession, Quality, Design and Excellence are fundamental factors that we demand of all our products, which Scharlau has managed to perfectly combine in all its articles. "

Alberto Capón, Founder of The Swiss House
Flap Medium Brief

"Amazing the service and the quality of details. Really memorable!"

Luis Huete, Consultant
Feldmann Portfolio Brown

"My congratulations to Scharlau for the great design of their products, the careful packaging and the delicate and generous letter I received with my order."

Antonio González - Barros, Founder and President of Intercom Group
Two Handle Slim Brief All Leather Navy Blue

"The Scharlau briefcase is simply perfect. When I saw it for the first time I experienced a sensation of wow! something I had not felt for a long time. It combines elegance, high leather quality, sobriety and exclusivity ... a very complicated thing to find nowadays."

Josep Ollonarte, Member in FG & Asociados
Cabin Leather Trolley

"The Scharlau trolley is the Rolls-Royce of the suitcases. Very elegant and beautiful, you can even smell the quality. It's the suitcase I've always dreamed of."

Ralph Bünger, Ancien Directeur Général of Gerling Globale Société de Réassurances à Paris
Farnsworth Briefbag Brown

"Since I've been carrying my Scharlau leather briefcase, my express travels are much more comfortable, as I do not have to think about which compartment I kept each gadget. Now I have everything organized in a very intuitive way. "

Javier Camacho , Business Development and Brand Consultant
Werner Portfolio Black

"The quality that Scharlau offers is very difficult to find in the market. "

Two Handle Slim Brief Dark Bottle Green

"The Scharlau briefcase has become my faithful companion of every day, so much for the office and my business trips. I have gained in comfort thanks to its smart internal solutions of organization."

David López, CEO at Arquitec Business Spain
Flap Large Brief

"I am delighted with the quality, especially of the leather, and its great functionality. The leather strip that holds the briefcase to the trolley makes my trips much more comfortable."

Jose Maria Calzada, Founder and CEO of Aldo Union Pharmaceutical