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Vin Fiz Flyer

Backpack with flap


Ref. #BA12-N02BN

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Selected color: Blue
  • Vin Fiz Flyer
  • Vin Fiz Flyer
Details & Specifications
Internal Features

  • 1 compartment for a 15.6 ”computer
  • 1 large capacity main compartment that includes a zip pocket
  • Card holders
  • Cell phone pocket
  • Pencil holder

External Features

  • 2 front pockets
  • 2 side zippered pockets
  • 2 open pockets
  • Trolley fitting accessory
  • 2 back handles
  • Hand handle
  • Metal pullers

Technical specs

Colours: Blue

Dimensions: 39 x 44 x 21 cm

Weight: 1450 g

Personalized name plate: yes

Product testing
Aitex Textile Research Institute
This product has passed the following physical tests:
Colour Fastness to Perspiration
The solidity of the materials to the action of the sweat produced by the human body is valued. Items in contact with the human body should have a high sweat fastness.
Standard ISO 105-E04
Colour fastness to rubbing (Stain Dry and Wet)
It is the resistance to the modification of a tincture due to the effects of rubbing. The objective of the test is to determine the discharge that occurs on a white cotton fabric when rubbing with the coloured textile under specific conditions of pressure and speed of rubbing. The test is carried out with the control dry and wet.
In leather materials, a white wool felt is used and after several rub cycles, both wet and dry, the discharge is evaluated.
Standard ISO 105-X12
Corrosion of metal parts
Due to the high humidity, temperature and other conditions, they cause the metallic parts of any article to deteriorate. The test simulates the extreme conditions of the environment and they are evaluated for corrosion and deterioration.
Standard ISO 22775
Handle breaking Strength
A maximum force is exerted on each handle of the article to evaluate the force necessary to break / separate the product handle and thus determine its resistance.
Standard NF G 92 005
Shaking or Oscillatory impact strength
By means of oscillatory impacts, forces and pressures on the handles of the product, it is verified that it resists extreme shaking actions so that in everyday life it does not tear any seam, break or separate any material of the product.
Seam Strength
The sliding of the threads of a fabric before the formation of a seam is determined by measuring the maximum displacement or opening reached between the threads of the fabric, after the application of a force.
The resistance to breakage of the seam or the breakage of the fabric / s that form the seam is evaluated.
Standard UNE – ISO 17697
Tear resistance
The necessary force to produce a tearing of the material was determined by dynamometric and / or ballistic pendulum type Elmendorf methods.
Standard UNE-EN ISO13937:1:2001
Buckle attachment strength
A dynamometer exerts a force to separate the buckle from the article. The force necessary to separate or break the buckle of the product is determined.
Buckle closing system (functionality after fatigue)
500 cycles of buckle functionality are applied to evaluate its functionality after the test, confirming that there is no deterioration in use.
Standard BS 5131-5.11
Zipper durability closing system (500 cycles)
By means of specific equipment, the rack to be tested is placed and 500 opening and closing cycles are applied, in order to assess whether it works correctly or is damaged in use.
Standard UNE-EN 16732
Puller attachment
Pulling on the puller is performed to assess the force required to separate the puller from the zipper. They apply to all the different zippers that the product may contain.
Standard UNE-EN 16732
Velcro resistance to reciprocation (500 cycles)
Using specific equipment, the velcro is applied and 500 opening and closing cycles are applied, in order to assess whether it works correctly or is damaged in use.
Standard UNE-EN 16732
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