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SCHARLAU on the back cover of the most important Managers Congress Magazine.

 Managers choose Scharlau Brief Bags, because of our high quality and functionality. 


SCHARLAU on the Magazine La Vanguardia

SCHARLAU on the Magazine from La Vanguardia. One of the most important newspapers from Spain. They distinguish the functionality, organization and elegance from our bags.  



SCHARLAU on Forbes magazine

Our Marketing Manager, Kitty Scharlau, shows us what she carries in her exclusive burgundy briefbag at Forbes magazine.


SCHARLAU on Forbes Magazine

SCHARLAU appeared in the November edition of the prestigious magazine FORBES. The new executive backpack from the brand, has a design that brings a high standing functionality to business people.



QUADIS Magazine, in its edition of Winter 2016, publishes a review about Scharlau's new executive leather backpack. They talk about the high quality of the leather and the great resistance of the synthetic materials that have been used in its manufacturing process, as well as the functionality offered in its interior.



SCHARLAU in the magazine SQM SEÑOR MARQUÉS [2016]


SCHARLAU between the best moves of the world: Cars and Watches.

The Señor Marqués is an editor of exquisite taste that reveals in the 4 numbers published annually the best moves of the world: cars, watches, boats and much more.




SCHARLAU in Polo & Luxury Country Life Magazine

The renowned and exclusive Polo & Luxury Country Life Magazine, has mentioned the victory of SCHARLAU Polo Team on the last tournament held in Polo Club Ampurdan. At this starting season event the SCHARLAU Polo Team did a great job winning the games they played and becoming champions in a wonderful atmosphere.

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THE LUXURY TRENDS: Handmade intelligence

The magazine The Luxury Trends has published recently an article talking about the exclusive Scharlau leather goods highlighting the main features that make every product to become a small masterpiece.

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MisterBag: 'Your bag is called SCHARLAU'

The blogger MisterBag has published recently an article about the exclusive Scharlau leather goods highlighting its virtues such as the high quality materials with they are manufactured as well as the functionality they bring thanks to its polivalent compartments. 

To see the full article, click here.



V-Introversion: SCHARLAU, perfect fit for accessories

The magazine V-INTORVERSION, renown on fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle, published on its February edition, an article about Scharlau leather goods highlighting its accessories' functionality from Collection num. 1 as the Laptop Sleeves or the Gear Pouch.





El Economista: The best presents for Valentine's Day

El Economista, the financial site leader on economy, stock and financial markets news, has published recently an article talking about Scharlau brand and its exclusives products highlighting the quality of materials, the design and the functionality that make of every piece a perfect article to cover the needs of the men of today. 

To see the full article, click here.



THE LUXURY TRENDS: Interview to Werner Scharlau

The magazine called "The Luxury Trends", a reference on new trends and news regarding luxury, has published recently an interview to Mr. Werner Scharlau, founder of Scharlau.

On this article, Werner Scharlau explains how came up the idea of launching a new Collection of leather goods and how the brand has become to what it is now. Furthermore, it highlights de main features of Scharlau products such as elegance, functionality and timeless. 

Too see the full interview, click here.




The supplement Magazine from La Vanguardia, a Spanish renowned newspaper, has published on its Sunday 28th February’s edition a review of our Tennis Bay, highlighting the high quality of the natural leather and the great resistance of the synthetic materials that have been used on its manufacturing process.   




BARCELONA DIVINA: New collection of briefbags SCHARLAU

The magazine Barcelona Divina, a reference in urban and cosmopolitan fashion in Barcelona city, has published an article which talks about SCHARLAU brand and its Collection 1 underlining its virtues and qualities such as the exclusivity, the practicity and the elegance of its products.

To access the full version of the article click HERE.


ONE SPAIN: SCHARLAU Two Handle Slim Brief, perfect for your day-to-day and for your weekend trips


The Spanish edition of "One" the magazine of masculine lifestyle, has published an article about our Two Handle Slim Brief, in which its quality, functionality and exclusivity have been highlighted.

"Made from soft, natural-grain, dry-milled high quality cow leather. high quality soft, natural-grain cow leather. It is ideal for transporting the laptop, tablet, documents... It includes an elegant metal plate personalised with the name and the telephone number of the owner, and with the serial number of the article."




GENTLEMAN SPAIN: Notorious details


The renowned magazine of masculine lifestyle "GENTLEMAN SPAIN" dedicates a space to SCHARLAU in its edition of October. 


"SCHARLAU. Leathergoods expert, launches its first masculilne briefbag, a combination of functionality, design, quality and elegance. It can be bought at www.scharlau.com."



WHERE IS MY TIE?: SCHARLAU's exclusivity


The masculine lifestyle blog "WHERE IS MY TIE?" has published an article about SCHARLAU exclusive leathergoods, which talks about Collection #1 and details the whole features of some of our elegant briefbags.


To access to the full version of the entry, please click here


Barcelona Divina: New SCHARLAU collection


Barcelona Divina, the most important urban and cosmopolitan magazine of Barcelona, has published an article about the SCHARLAU exclusive leathergoods. The article, in addition to the exclusivity and functionality of SCHARLAU goods, talks about every inner features of our briefbags.

To access the full version of the article click HERE



SCHARLAU, handcrafted intelligence


The blog of luxury products "Espléndido" has published an extensive article about SCHARLAU, in which brand's history is explained, and also the Collection No. 1. The articles also talks about Collection No. 1's products, highlighting the star briefbag, Flap Large Brief.

To access the full version of the entry, please click here.



DAPPER: Place for everything


The prestigious magazine of masculine lifestyle "Dapper" has published, in its Spanish printed edition,  an article about the SCHARLAU brand, where the quality and the practicity of its Collection 1's briefbags is highlighted, and both inner and outer features of all of them are perfectly detailed.



FUERA DE SERIE: The match starts


The magazine "Fuera de Serie", the supplement of Expansión, has dedicated an space to Scharlau's Tennis Bag


"Specially designed for keeping tennis rackets and manufactured with cow leather and nylon."



TRADESPORT: Scharlau launches its first sport bag


The blog of sports fashion "Tradesport" has published the article "Scharlau launches its first sport bag", in which our Tennis Bag has been presented. The entry talks about the functionality, exclusivity and craftsmanship of this model, and give complete details of its features.

To read the full version, please click here.



ESQUIRE SPAIN: I want a briefbag. Give me your code.


The prestigious magazine of masculine lifestyle "Esquire Spain" has published an article called "I want a briefbag. Give me your code", in which SCHARLAU exclusive briefbags are described, both in its digital edition and in the printed one. 


To access to the full version of the entry, please click here.



GENTLEMAN SPAIN: Clues to enjoy spring with energy


The renowned magazine of masculine lifestyle "GENTLEMAN SPAIN" dedicates a space to SCHARLAU in its edition of May. 

"SCHARLAU: The first briefbag of SCHARLAU, the brand of exclusive leather goods, destined to the masculine public, bets for a demanding combination of functionality, design, elegance and quality".







COSAS DE LUJO: SCHARLAU briefbags for classy men


The blog of luxury goods "COSAS DE LUJO" dedicates an article to our brand, underlining the elegance, the functionality and the exclusivity of our Collection 1. 


To access to the full version of the entry, please click here.






The blog of high standing lifestyle "VIDA PREMIUM" has published an article about SCHARLAU, highlighting the elegance of our Collection 1. In the entry have been also published many pictures of our leather goods, in which we are able to observe even the smallest details. 


To access to the full version of the article, please click here.




4MEN: Scharlau, luxury accessories for classy men


The blog of masculine style "4MEN" has published an entry about SCHARLAU. The article underlines the exclusivity of our products, giving lots of details about them. It gives relevance also to the craftmanship with which are produced our leather goods. 


To access to the full version of the article, please click here.