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"I decided to find the perfect briefcase."

Werner Scharlau

Werner, our founder started running a leathergoods manufacture way back in 1976 with 22 years. A few years later he took over his father's chemical business and thus had to give up his engagement in the leather business. Werner travelled intensively, while organising the export network. Plenty of years to test all kind and brands of travel luggage. His frustration was that if one wanted good quality materials and workmanship, one had to recur to any of the popular brands in the market.

Other brands with lower prices offered products with very limited durability. Broken zippers, torn lining, broken seams, defective locks, etc. many weak points that rendered the articles useless even if the outer materials themselves self were still in good condition. When looked good, it was not functional. When the article was functionally designed, the fittings and looks were not nice.

Out of this problems the desire to offer leathergoods in a timeless design, built to last, value for money that would be worn specially by people who shared similar values and who rather went for a certain understatement.

How could all this be brought together? Living in Spain, it was not difficult to team up some of the rapidly spreading industrial design companies that Barcelona is so famous for. Add to this the leathergoods manufacturing know-how acquired way back in 1976 and the vast travelling experience during the past 20 years.