Scharlau grants a 24 month warranty on its products for any material or manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by mistreatment, accidents, abrasions, water, solvents, use or transport damages caused by carriers.

Scharlau will, in its discretion, either fix or replace the Product in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions.

During the warranty period, if you notice any defects, please completely fill out the form "return request" and send it by e-mail to us. You can download the form by accessing this link. This claim form must by law be accompanied by the sales receipt or invoice. We will not accept returns if sent directly to Scharlau without an authorization number issued directly by Scharlau. For more information and assistance you can contact our service center:

The service center will determine if the problem is covered by Scharlau.

If the warranty applies, you will be notified as to whether the Product will be repaired or replaced. Any such repair or replacement will be at Scharlau's expense, including any costs required to return the repaired or replacement product to you. If the Product is to be replaced and the Product is no longer available, Scharlau will substitute it with a comparable Scharlau product.

Non-warranty maintenance or repairs on your product can be performed by any other company.

Scharlau requires that you use only our Scharlau service center for warranty repairs. Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs cancel this warranty.